Jan 2

Human and other Earth-derived DNA in the Stratosphere?

During analysis of a balloon-launched sampler, evidence for the existence of human, and a vast variety of DNA derived from other organisms, in the stratosphere was found. We obviously cannot publish such findings on human DNA because of the problem of contamination during sampling and processing (of course, this may not have happened!). However, this arguable finding leads us to ask the question –Is it possible that human DNA, and other genetic material, could reach such a height? As readers of this website will know we base our claims that life is incoming to Earth partly on modelling studies which show that no particle larger than 5 microns can reach the stratosphere. Since the unusual, incoming biological entities isolated by us are between 10-40-plus microns in size we claim that they are incoming to rather than exiting from Earth (in addition no Earth contaminants, such as fungal spores, pollen and grass shards are ever found on the inside of our samplers). It is possible, however, that particles of the size of bacteria, viruses and sub-5 micron particles of human tissue, notably skin, could be elevated to the stratosphere. Considering the vast amount of micron or submicron-sized human and animal (as well as plant) material that exists on Earth (which is available to be carried into the atmosphere and then stratosphere) it would not be at all surprising to find human DNA at extreme heights. Of course human DNA abounds in the laboratory and Occam’s Razor will (with obvious justification) always be used by critics to claim that any reported findings of human DNA in the stratosphere results from contamination; indeed it would be difficult to imagine an experiment which could be set up to exclude such contamination (possibly sealed, automated robotic DNA amplifiers etc., which would exclude human-DNA contamination night be employed). For the moment we can only report our preliminary findings and hope that workers with such an automated system could look for human DNA on our sampler stubs.

We would be happy to launch a sampler specially treated to exclude human DNA for such a project. Even in the absence of conclusive evidence for the presence of human and other DNA in the stratosphere, I remain convinced that DNA will reach the stratosphere from Earth. It would then be subjected to the mutating (and DNA destructive) effects of UVC. Some of this material would be returned to Earth attached to larger, rapidly depositing particles of cosmic dust, while other DNA-rich particles would continue on their journey outwards. Such a conclusion opens up the remarkable possibility that DNA from Earth could be spread into the cosmos (perhaps protected by a coating of submicron dust or carbon particles).

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  1. Mike Sutton

    Hi Milton

    I am not a natural scientist so please forgive me if I am misinterpreting what you write here. But I get the impression that you may have changed the direction of the emphasis placed on the various possible explanations – you objectively present – for your findings. May I ask, therefore: do you think it more likely that the unusual (unidentified by matching to others) particles you have sampled come from Earth of more likely they are alien particles raining down on Earth?

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