Jun 9

Pasteur knocked off pedestal?

An Edinburgh surgeon was the first person to recognize and cure a bacterial infection, a British biologist is claiming1. John Goodsir realized that microbes make people sick in 1842 – nearly 20 years before Louis Pasteur’s breakthroughs in microbiology, argues Milton Wainwright of the University of Sheffield.

Jun 9

The Cancer Germ

For some twenty or so years I have been interested in the idea that bacteria and other non-virus microorganisms are the cause of most, if not all, cancer in humans. It is interesting how I became involved in researching this idea.

May 22

A Microbiologist Looks at Panspermia

Originally, the term ‘panspermia’ was used by microbiologists (of the late Victorian period, e.g. Roberts, 1874) to refer to the observation that terrestrial air is full of microorganisms. Panspermia, was later used to cover the view that life on Earth originated from space.